Pi Theta Lambda Educational Foundation, Inc. advances social action through collective responsibility; fosters the development of San Antonio-area youth through educational assistance, mentoring and wellness programs; and engages the community through transcendent service.


The objective of PTLEF is aligned with that of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in that the Foundation is resolved “…to aid down-trodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual status.” PTLEF works to fulfill this objective by preparing young people for post-secondary education and enabling access to the same via the distribution of academic grants; promoting civic responsibility essential to the governance of our democratic republic through voter registration and voter education initiatives; and providing public health and wellness education to adolescents by sharing practical knowledge and skills that aims to alter attitudes and empower young people to make well-informed decisions regarding sexual behavior, the reduction of teenage pregnancy, and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI). Other initiatives include supporting the leadership development of college students who are members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, providing companionship and services to elderly members of the community, and partnering with other organizations that provide mentoring opportunities.